Monday, March 10, 2008

The US Elections: The Wondrous World of Misogyny

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, there was an article by Leslie Bennetts titled "Go Away? Why Should She?"

The "she" is, of course Hillary Clinton.

Now it is true that recently - and certainly before the Ohio/Texas primaries - voices had been raised asking whether it might be best for Clinton to call it a day. And it is equally true that whilst arguments exist for suggesting such a departure, counter-arguments are readily found.

Given the title of her article, one might assume that Bennetts had set herself the task of pointing out what those counter-arguments actually are and why they should prevail.

Instead, Bennetts only mentions the Super Tuesday II results briefly and then heads off on a totally different tack. The reason why, she argues, some people want Clinton to quit is because they're misogynists.

She isn't the only one. Time and again I've encountered quite virulent comments on the Internet asserting, in one way or another, that Clinton would have wrapped up the nomination weeks ago if only The Misogynists hadn't come traipsing in with all their rampant... well, misogyny.

Gosh. Could that actually be true?

Well, duh! Of course it is! The logic is very clear indeed. Let me spell it out for you.

Firstly, Clinton is a better candidate than Obama. This superiority is a given. From this starting point, it follows that the people who nevertheless favor Obama over Clinton are motivated not by the candidates' merits, but by something else. Since Clinton is a woman, that something else must be misogyny.

Once you understand this, everything else becomes quite clear. Yes, Obama has won more states than Clinton. Yes, he's leading in the popular vote. And, yes, he's got more pledged delegates. But none of that has to do with Obama's qualities; it's all down to misogyny. It has to be, since Clinton is the better candidate.

At this point, you may wonder why Clinton is better than Obama. You may, in other words, question the starting point.

In that case, however, you haven't been paying proper attention. The only reason Obama is in the overal lead is because of The Misogynists. Take them out of the equation, and Clinton wins hands down. From this it follows that she's the better candidate.

It all makes perfect sense, you see. You just need to get into the right groove.

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